Jun 222015
The Sensei - Freeing the Bubbs Creek Wall

The glow of sunset sprawled across the south face of Charlotte dome. It was a crazy and bittersweet moment. Charlotte Dome and the Bubbs Creek Wall are forgotten monsters hidden in the Sierra backcountry. This would be my fourth summit of Bubbs and I knew it would be my last for 2014. There is something […]

Feb 072015
Alpine Glamping in Chamonix at the Envers Hut

When it comes to cold, snow and climbing conditions I tend to be fairly conservative. I don’t like bailing but when it comes to getting wet, I avoid getting caught by the weather.  The visibility was getting worse the higher we got up Le Piege.  Cedric, a chamonix guide, was not concerned at all and […]

Nov 192014

Climbing and I have been on an extended break. At this point, it’s been years since I qualified as what I’d consider a “serious climber.” For a long time I’ve been feeling guilty about not being so “serious” anymore. At my sending peak in 2009-2010, I redpointed and onsighted several 5.12 trad climbs, accomplishments that […]

Oct 082014
Finding the drive - CCC 2014

On Saturday, 30 August, I finished the 102 km CCC (Courmayeur-Champex-Chamonix) race in 24 hours and 9 minutes. It was an extremely emotional moment, one I had not dared to let myself dream would actually happen. It all started in January of this year when Julie suggested we put ourselves in the lottery for CCC. […]

Oct 052014
A summer escaped

The leaves are now turning in Seattle, but it’s hard for me to admit that summer is over. It’s been a while since we have posted and the adventures have been plentiful. July started with a great trip to the Hulk and much time spent out in King’s Canyon. Lizzy and I spent August in […]

Jul 042014
Samurai Warrior on Bubbs Creek Wall

As I trolled the internet for a topo I came across an old post of mine from three years earlier. Had I really been wondering about this route for that long? Luckily I’ve come a long way since then and now readily recognize the yellow lined paper that provides  a background for most if not […]