Aug 102015
Moonlight Buttress, learning to love the journey

I wish I could remember what it was that drew me to Moonlight Buttress. I don’t know how I heard about it and like so many routes I didn’t have any friends who had done it. The plethora of internet beta didn’t really exist either. Moonlight was a somewhat hidden treasure lurking in Zion National Park. […]

Jul 312015
Following the breadcrumbs of Nettle and Croft

My infatuation with the High Sierra has blossomed over the last few years with more adventurous outings and more time spent trying to do new climbs, newly established or rarely repeated routes. For the most part this comes down to a nearly endless list of climbs put up by Peter Croft, Dave Nettle and often Brandon Thau. […]

Jun 222015
The Sensei - Freeing the Bubbs Creek Wall

The glow of sunset sprawled across the south face of Charlotte dome. It was a crazy and bittersweet moment. Charlotte Dome and the Bubbs Creek Wall are forgotten monsters hidden in the Sierra backcountry. This would be my fourth summit of Bubbs and I knew it would be my last for 2014. There is something […]

Feb 072015
Alpine Glamping in Chamonix at the Envers Hut

When it comes to cold, snow and climbing conditions I tend to be fairly conservative. I don’t like bailing but when it comes to getting wet, I avoid getting caught by the weather.  The visibility was getting worse the higher we got up Le Piege.  Cedric, a chamonix guide, was not concerned at all and […]

Nov 192014

Climbing and I have been on an extended break. At this point, it’s been years since I qualified as what I’d consider a “serious climber.” For a long time I’ve been feeling guilty about not being so “serious” anymore. At my sending peak in 2009-2010, I redpointed and onsighted several 5.12 trad climbs, accomplishments that […]

Oct 082014
Finding the drive - CCC 2014

On Saturday, 30 August, I finished the 102 km CCC (Courmayeur-Champex-Chamonix) race in 24 hours and 9 minutes. It was an extremely emotional moment, one I had not dared to let myself dream would actually happen. It all started in January of this year when Julie suggested we put ourselves in the lottery for CCC. […]

Oct 052014
A summer escaped

The leaves are now turning in Seattle, but it’s hard for me to admit that summer is over. It’s been a while since we have posted and the adventures have been plentiful. July started with a great trip to the Hulk and much time spent out in King’s Canyon. Lizzy and I spent August in […]