Aug 292012

This is it, the big one. I’ve been thinking about running this loop almost a year now, since that initial Bishop Pass trail run. My original vision was to do the full 56 mile loop, but I’ve since realized that the smart choice for my current fitness is to do the shorter 36 mile loop by climbing up and over Lamarck Col. Labor Day weekend may not provide us the most solitary wilderness experience, but in my book I’ll be much happier with more people out on the trails just in case of emergency. I also recently invested in a DeLorme inReach satellite messenger, which not only functions as an emergency beacon, but also as a way of communicating with people (via text or email) and letting folks track your progress. So in case you aren’t out there killing it this Sunday (and hopefully you are!), you can follow along with Julie and I.

We’ll hopefully be starting around 5am (PST) on Sunday, September 2 and our position should update every 10 minutes. I anticipate the whole run taking anywhere between 12 and 18 hours, probably somewhere in the middle of that range. We have 3 high passes to go over – Lamarck Col (~13,000ft), Muir Pass (~12,000ft), and Bishop Pass (~12,000ft). It will not be easy, but it will be awesome.

Here is the link to our tracking page:

View from Bishop Pass from last year’s trail run. When we see this, we’ll only have 6 miles to go.

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  1. I’d love to hear how you end up liking the DeLorme inReach. I have played with the idea of having one of those for the same reason, and would love to hear a first hand account!

  2. I’m so excited to hear how it goes! There is a *slight* possibility that Dave and I might camp in Darwin Canyon on Saturday night, so we could see you Sunday morning. Lamarck Col, Evo Valley and Muir Pass aren’t bad at all (on the knees and such). Be careful on the descent after Helen Lake… it’s hard on the knees at times (at least when we did the JMT it was on mine). Can’t wait to hear how it goes! 🙂

    • Good to know. I’m betting our mental/physical crux is going to be climbing up to Bishop Pass at the “end” of the day – I think it’s over 3000ft of up. It would be fun to run into you guys, we’ll keep our eyes peeled!

      • We’ll know for sure what we’re doing tomorrow night. I’ll keep you posted! I agree about Bishop Pass… especially because I’ve heard it’s a hot, dry climb. You’re going to love the entire area… the views in Evo and heading down from Muir are amazing!

  3. Best of luck! I might see you out there as I hope to do the complete Evolution 56 loop this weekend.

  4. The very last sentence of this post is funny now. It didn’t look like that in the dark! That was awesome – thanks for planning such an epic run. I would definitely have not tried to do that otherwise. Yay!

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