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June has now come to a close and I’m over halfway to my 1000 mile goal for the year. A big part of this goal was keeping steady with my running. So far I started out the year with consistent mileage but wasn’t able to keep running while I was off climbing in Utah. I had hope to spend a few rest days running, but I was just too exhausted. Finding balance between climbing and running is a tricky thing and I seem to do best when I have a fixed goal that I can train for. With this in mind I hit my highest month yet with almost 150 miles in May.

San Francisco Marathon Course

San Francisco Marathon Course

After running for a few months my psyche usually wanes, especially if I have been missing out on exciting climbing trips. My goal race for this year was the San Francisco 2nd Half Marathon. It goes from Golden Gate park to the finish in the map above. Having a specific race gives me extra motivation to keep up the miles and push to gain some speed. I’ve really been trying to be scientific this year with my running and get in quality miles at the correct pace. So far it has been working and I’ve PRed in the Mile and ran my fastest 10k yet.

After all of the speedwork I have been doing I am going to take a little time off and then transition to longer slower runs. I have really enjoyed training for a half-marathon which has reduced the need for super long runs. However I’ve realized that time on my feet is one my biggest weaknesses. I tend to run for one to two hours and rarely spend more time on my feet. Despite running only about 13-15 miles of the Zion Traverse my stomach turned sour and I was very happy to stop running. I believe this was caused partially by improper nutrition and the fact that  I was on the go for 4+ hours.

Steep trails and beautiful views in Zion

Steep trails and beautiful views in Zion

I would like to do a few ultra-distance run in the late summer and next year and need to do a better job with my nutrition. My stomach is almost always the weakest link, aside from my hips, and should be something that I can figure out.





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I’m pretty psyched with the stats from the year so far and I’m thinking that I may need a more ambitious Elevation Gain Goal for next year. I’ve already done 50,000+ feet of climbing and I have been doing a large amount of my runs on roads and gravel. Mileage wise I am running more than ever. I rarely do more than 30 miles a week, which is pretty light compared to some of my friends, but I’ve noticed that volume does help. The title of the blog comes from a great book called Once a Runner. Each week presents challenges and I really have to be careful not to over do it.

I’m still digesting my run at the San Francisco Half Marathon so I don’t have much in the way of a run report. I really enjoyed running in the city and put in everything I had for the run! Here are the stats from Strava:

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  1. A great read
    Looking forward to your comments on the half marathon
    re you running with L in Squamish?

  2. I’ll be climbing and then crewing for Lizzy in squamish. No running for me.

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