Jan 022012
2011 - Yearly Review in Photos

To start off the new year I wanted to share some photos from our very fun 2011. I’ll be writing a reflective post but don’t hold your breath. Enjoy the pictures! – Luke   January – Sport Climbing   February – Skiing     March – Indian Creek   April – Vegas vacation and the first Yosemite Tweetup! […]

May 192011
Forgotten Photos and a Story from Indian Creek

Motivation, obsession, fixation. I think I finally have the perspective through which I can understand our Spring Break trip to Indian Creek. I’ve finally moved on, no longer obsessing over a specific route. In the months leading up to March, I spent time at the gym doing laps. In abs and core class I pushed […]

Apr 182011
Confessions of a Splitter Addict

Every trip I’ve taken to Indian Creek has been so different, but each is an incredible learning experience for me. There’s something about that place – it’s never quite what I expected, and adjusting my expectations in the face of reality is always a challenging exercise. Instead of writing a play-by-play of the entire trip, […]

Apr 102011
The Connecting Fiber of Climbers

There is something special about climbing.  It is the most amazing, yet circular and pointless pursuit. Places, goals, and motivation vary. Sometimes I’m there to live a dream, or maybe just to get in a good workout. I’m drawn to the idea of exploration and the following video gives a glimpse of this kind of […]

Feb 252011
3 Weeks to the Creek: Training Progress Report

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m super psyched for our spring break trip to Indian Creek. Not only do I LOVE crack climbing, especially beautiful Creek splitters, but I’ve also learned from experience that I need to put in the work and training to prepare myself for a successful trip. So training is what I’ve been […]

Dec 212010
Hello, 2011!

2010 has been an interesting year. It hasn’t been at all what I expected (especially climbing-wise, particularly when compared with 2009), but there have still been many great experiences and anyways, I think having “off” years makes me appreciate the “on” years that much more. Rather than rehash what adventures have or have not gone […]

Dec 142009
Holiday News update!

Things have been a bit slow here at DreamInVertical over the last month or so. Life has been exceptionally busy and the climbing trips have been plentiful. We are pretty behind on trip reports and hopefully many will get finished over this holiday season. I finally completed writing my reflections and trip report from my first attempt on […]