Jul 282008
A Local Climbing Weekend

After traveling for 4 straight weekends (Charleston, Needles twice, New England) and Luke’s busy weekend of routesetting (I’ll let him blog about that), we were up for a little break from travel this weekend. I baked a carrot cake and headed down to San Diego on Wednesday so we could have an extra-long “weekend”, even [...]

Apr 162008
Heat Wave!

It was quite toasty here in SoCal last weekend – temps jumped up to the 90s without much warning. Due to my landlords suddenly deciding not to renew the lease with my housemates and I in Pasadena and some frisbee drama leaving my feelings pretty bruised, we decided to take a more relaxing weekend plan. [...]

Feb 042008

Despite the continued rain-on-the-weekend trend in SoCal this past weekend, Luke and I managed to catch some dry weather on Mt. Woodson on Saturday! I was feeling a little under the weather from the day before and the ridiculous week I had (ultimate frisbee has been the bane of my existence recently), so I chilled [...]